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The goal of every lawyer is to become an expert in the law. The master legal document of our great country is the United States Constitution. By opening gateways to the US Constitution, lawyers are leading Americans towards equitable access to justice, resolution of disputes, and ultimately a "...more perfect union."

A legal dispute can be summarized into three parts: the person with a problem, the person who allegedly caused the problem, and the judge/jury. Under our system of government, all people are welcome to bring a dispute, argue a defense, or pass judgment on a dispute resolution. The foundation of our government and justice system requires everyone's participation along with lawyers who can sharpen the process.

These tenets of inclusion have catalyzed a heightened interest in the legal profession. In fact, it has been said that every three seconds a person declares that she or he wants to go to law school. But yet, in Wisconsin minority women attorneys are less than 1% of the profession. Wisconsin, we have got to do better!

JC Legal Resources Center, INC. is dedicated to supporting the advancement, recruitment and retention of the exceptional talent available in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Lawyers are the conduit for legal process; and, diverse lawyers can ensure that the profession has integrity.

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