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JC Legal Resources Center, INC is looking to work with a national developer to create a friendly environment for women, children, and elderly to thrive within the 53206 zip code.   



To bring relevant services to the neighborhood that promote health, safety and life giving activities:  

  • Lead-free water delivery  

  • Dine-in facilities with healthy menu items. 

  • Access to supportive services (e.g. legal, business accounting, business tax, and corporate finance.)

  • Secure cash collection by consolidation of cash receiving services in the area. 

Real Estate Development 

A Ministry
of Business



The location for the development would consists of the West Finn Place, North Teutonia Avenue, and 19th Street.   It is positioned on an triangular block located in Milwaukee's 53206 zip code. 



Contrary to poplar believe, the majority of the residents in the 53206 area are women, with an average age of 27.93 years old, who live with family, and who have no children.   Approximately 41% of the households are employed, and a majority of the residents have some college or higher education.  


Our organization is working with the local community to: 

  1. Identify capabilities, resources, and limitations. 

  2. Reach out to private-sector institutions and entities that will be essential to the ongoing growth and development of local communities.

  3. Seek social networks with mainstream business institutions (e.g. business schools, banks, corporations, chambers of commerce). 

  4. Leverage or broker valuable business-to-business connections and resources.

  5. Connect local companies with high-quality existing resources. 

  6. Facilitate access by businesses to financing –first through banks and, the myriad of public and quasi-public financing sources already present in the cities.

To accomplish our goals, JC Legal Resources Center, INC promotes the following core values: 

  • Encourage sound government policy that forge crime fighting techniques that benefit high-crime areas

  • Support sound economic strategies based on improving the competitiveness of the 53206 zip code. 

  • Seek tailored affirmative action and government set-aside programs to jobs and wealth creation for residents of distressed communities, instead of targeting minority entrepreneurs regardless of income levels and whom they employ. 

  • Support the development of competitive advantage instead of the distortion of business incentives that attempt to lure businesses that lack an economic reason for locating inner cities. 

  • Discourage the use of tax breaks and other artificial inducements that are not sustainable. 

  • Focus on entrepreneurship. 

  • Harness the resources of the private capital markets - transaction fees, cover high overhead costs associated with small transactions and partial loan guarantees that mitigate some of the risk.  Support the elimination of the tax on capital gains and dividends from long-term equity investments. 

  • Rezoning land to allow residential and retail development. 

  • Welcome and assist local, family supporting, enterprise. 

Contact US for additional details.

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