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#WomenLead is a consortium of women attorneys dedicated to advancing an inclusive and equitable Milwaukee by supporting Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color (BIPOC) women attorneys.

We aim to mobilize the collective power of black and brown women attorneys towards strategic visions of inclusion, representation and racial equity in the Greater Milwaukee area.

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Our Mission


To foster  a BIPOC, women-centered community of change-agents committed to inclusion, equity and racial justice.


To create  leadership development pathways through networking, workshops, mentorships and community action campaigns.


To create community based, legally informed correctives to systemic racism.

Complete the Survey

Support #WomenLead by answering the following survey questions concerning BIPOC women legal professionals in the greater Milwaukee area.


Survey Includes:

•Twenty (20) multiple choice and Yes/No questions.

•Two (2) open-ended questions.

All Answers Are Confidential:

Your answers will not be disclosed to anyone other than the #WomenLead research team.

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Use the QR Code to complete the Survey.


WomenLead Survey
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