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In partnership with MKE TECH the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) we invite your student to learn the world of Artificial Intelligence.  

Who should apply?

Any student interested in learning more about how their future careers will be impacted by data and artificial intelligence. This program is perfect for students wondering how an understanding of new technology can assist their degree pursuits. Whether you’re studying tech, marketing, design, engineering, healthcare, business, psychology (anything, really…) you just need to be ready to learn and able to commit to the full experience.


This program has been designed as a collegiate level experience for students across all majors - ZERO tech or programming experience needed.



Advanced registration is open 3/1/2021 - 4/15/2021. We’re prioritizing those with a referral from one of our community partners and those that meet the advanced registration criteria found on the application. Additional community partners will be added to the referral list throughout the advanced registration period. If you do not have a referral and/or do not meet the eligibility requirements for advanced registration, you can still apply and will be added to the waiting list to be considered after 4/15/2021. Those on the waiting list will also be connected to other summer programming options that may be of interest to you.


What will I learn?

  • The nature, behavior, power, and consequences of technology from a real-world perspective.

  • The importance of diverse perspectives in the development of technological solutions to mitigate the impact of unintended bias

  • New professional development skills customized for you.

  • New data skills customized for you.  Please note that you do NOT need prior skills/training.  But all students can benefit from understanding how to capture, discern, and tell a compelling story with data.

  • How to prepare for a tech, tech-enabled, or tech-adjacent career so that you can be a part of the #mketech ecosystem

What else can I expect?

  • You will be placed in small groups to learn new skills with a professional mentor from one of our program partners.

  • You will be placed on interdisciplinary teams based on your interests with a professional mentor from one of our program partners.

  • All participants will be invited to the MKE Tech Career Expo in August to better understand the full breadth of tech career opportunities in every major industry in MKE as well as how to put your best self forward to land a future internship or full time role.

  • All participants will be invited to participate in a special set of professional development, networking, and innovation sessions on Fridays (optional)

When is it?

We meet virtually every Wednesday 9:00am - 2:00pm CST for a series of interactive workshops and team-based group work. All sessions are mandatory. See the dates below:

  • July 14: Tech Challenge Week 1

  • July 21: Tech Challenge Week 2

  • July 28: Tech Challenge Week 3

  • August 4: Tech Challenge Week 4

  • August 11: Demo Day Showcase

  • June 9: Careers in Data/AI

  • June 16: Data/AI + Society

  • June 23: Data/AI + Health

  • June 30: Data/AI + Manufacturing

  • July 7:  Data/AI + Finances

There will be additional opportunities to develop skills, build you network, and work with others - but they’ll all be optional and can be scheduled around your other personal/work commitments.


Auer Ave
Food Pantry

Auer Avenue hosts a public food pantry every 2nd Tuesday.

Auer Avenue Elementary, 2319 W Auer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53206, Milwaukee, United States

North Teutonia Ave BID NEWS

JC Legal Resources Center is proud to work with local business in the North Teutonia Avenue area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to bring growth and economic development.     

Diversity Dialogue

Supporting healthy dialogue among women attorneys of color in Southeastern Wisconsin. 


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Support the development of a commercial and residential facility on North Teutonia Ave.  This is a non-profit venture that seeks to create an life giving commercial eco system for the local residents of 53206.   


JC Legal Resources Center, INC. supports the development and implementation of technology in the Central City.    We have teamed up wih the BDPA Milwaukee, and support the MKE Black app.  Check out the the local black business highlighted in this app! 


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