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Decarbonization | Making Your Home Safe

Me2 provides affordable financing up to $15,000 for energy saving improvements like new insulation, furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, and windows.

For home and business owners seeking resources for solar industry professionals, runs solar group buy programs in the City and partners with Summit Credit Union to offer solar loans up to $20,000.

An initiative to concentrate enough eco-activities in a neighborhood to inspire neighbors to continuously practice environmentally friendly behaviors while creating a lasting impact.

Homeowners, home renters, utilities and policy makers can replace existing gas appliances with efficient electric alternatives!  Much of this work is simple and requires no home modifications. 

Clean Energy Company Highlight:


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Cornerstone Baptist Church, a historic Black Church in Brooklyn, NY, owns a landmark parsonage on President Street. Until 2020 the Reverend Lawrence Aker and his family suffered from a common fuel oil (aka diesel) boiler problem: dramatic overheating, requiring AC use even in the winter.8 The solution, a heat pump system, was designed, financed and installed by BlocPower, founded by CEO Donnel Baird. Like a growing number of businesses nation-wide, BlocPower installs efficient heat pumps, often paired with solar arrays, to dramatically increase comfort, reduce energy bills, and stop contributing to smog and asthma. BlocPower’s CEO, Donnel Baird, speaks movingly about how in 2012 he channeled his opposition to racial unfairness into a business model for clean energy that benefitted communities of color. As a Black founder, Donnel was turned down 200 times before any venture
firms were willing to back his vision, but BlocPower is now funded by some of the world’s largest investors.9


Other contractors who were early adopters of heat pump + solar retrofits in the U.S. include Building Doctors in Los Angeles, Electrify My Home and emerald ECO serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Smart Ohio, and The Heat Pump Store
in Oregon.

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Product Reviews &  Guides:

  • Carbon Switch: Research, guides, and reviews that help people live more sustainably.

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Learn More About Building Decarbonization

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Building decarbonization means removing the hazard of fossil fuel usage in buildings and facilitating access to carbon-free heating, water heating, and cooking. Sealing air leaks and going all electric are key strategies for doing that.  Below is a working list of resources to learn how to find electric appliances, contractors, financing, and more. 



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