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Tv Channel Automation Playout Software




For the first time, SGT could be used to provide even the lowest-end services. Within this, they also brought the world’s first automatic TV broadcast automation solution. Now, we are talking about the world’s first live video on demand service. Their first innovation is by providing an innovative and very-low-priced service – TV Broadcast Automation (TV-B-A) Playout software. In addition, their unique broadcasting playout software is also applicable to Android-based TVs, over 1 million of which are now in use. “We started SGT using the motto ‘creativity, technology and quality’. This company is growing not only because we provide technology to the broadcasting industry but also because we have never compromised on our core values. With this in mind, we would like to work even harder and open new markets.” SGT provides a TV Broadcast Automation Software that is also in the box and has a built-in media management. This means that users can install the playout software and use it without requiring any external infrastructure, such as an IPTV server. The company will launch their new services in mid-May. “Our new products are fully compatible with the existing SGT products. We are going to offer a variety of broadcasting solutions, starting from broadcasting equipment through playout software, to smart TV. In addition, we will be working on new services that are to be released in May.” What they want to do is to provide the ultimate broadcasting solution. Thus, they are going to introduce SGT-III, which is SGT’s new flagship product. “We have already sold over 150,000 SGT IIIs in the first month after their release. When we introduce the third model, we want to offer customers a variety of services. We also plan on working with more companies to provide various apps.” Although they focus on the broadcasting industry, they are also receiving requests from various industries. “We will be able to provide services from various industries, including education, sports, stock-market streaming, and food and beverage industries.” Furthermore, they are going to concentrate on their own smart devices. “The SGT Smart TV is already in use and is the only one to have high-definition (HD) resolution (16:9) to match HD broadcasting. We are




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Tv Channel Automation Playout Software
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